Using MQTT for Platform Independent RemoteMixed Reality Collaboration

Kristoffer Waldow and Arnulph Fuhrmann

In: Proceedings of the Mensch und Computer 2019, Workshop on User-Embodied Interaction in Virtual Reality

The schematic design of a MR telepresence for remote interaction. The devices communicate via a MQTT interface with a MQTT broker. This server distributes all messages to the clients according to their subscribed topic.


In this paper, we present a Mixed Reality telepresence system that allows the connection of multiple AR or VR devices to create a shared virtual environment by using the simple MQTT networking protocol. It follows a subscribe-publish pattern for reliable and easy platform independent integration. Therefore, it is possible to realize different clients that handle communication and allow remote collaboration. To allow embodied natural human interaction, the system maps the human interaction channels, gestures, gaze and speech, to an abstract stylized avatar by using an upper body inverse kinematic approach. This setup allows spatially separated persons to interact with each other via an avatar-mediated communication.


Final published paper:

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