Investigating Incoherent Depth Perception Features in Virtual Reality using Stereoscopic Impostor-Based Rendering

[Best Poster Award]

Kristoffer Waldow, Lukas Decker, Martin Misiak, Arnulph Fuhrmann, Daniel Roth, Marc Erich Latoschik

In:Proceedings of 31th IEEE Virtual Reality Conference (VR ’24), Orlando, USA


Depth perception is essential for our daily experiences, aiding in orientation and interaction with our surroundings. Virtual Reality allows us to decouple such depth cues mainly represented through binocular disparity and motion parallax. Dealing with fully-mesh-based rendering methods these cues are not problematic as they originate from the object’s underlying geometry. However, manipulating motion parallax, as seen in stereoscopic imposter-based rendering, raises multiple perceptual questions. Therefore, we conducted a user experiment to investigate how varying object sizes affect such visual errors and perceived 3-dimensionality, revealing an interestingly significant negative correlation and new assumptions about visual quality.


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