Investigating the Influence of Sound Source Visualization on the Ventriloquism Effect in an Auralized Virtual Reality Environment

Nigel Frangenberg, Kristoffer Waldow and Arnulph Fuhrmann

In: Proceedings of 28th IEEE Virtual Reality Conference (VR ’21), Lisbon, Portugal

Left: The visual representations of the loudspeaker (left to right): Basic, Abstract, Realistic. Right: The room as seen by the subjects with the photogrammetry model (R) and the vertical shift mode (V).



The ventriloquism effect (VQE) describes the illusion that the puppeteer’s voice seems to come out of the puppet’s mouth. This effect can even be observed in virtual reality (VR) when a spatial discrepancy between the auditory and visual component occurs. However, previous studies have never fully investigated the impact of visual quality on VQE. Therefore, we conducted an exploratory experiment to investigate the influence of the visual appearance of a loudspeaker on the VQE in VR. Our evaluation yields significant differences in the vertical plane which leads to the assumption that the less realistic model had a stronger VQE than the realistic one.





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