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Die Computer Graphics Group (CGG) forscht in den Bereichen Echtzeitrendering, Virtual Reality, Bekleidungssimulation und Kollisionserkennung.


CG Learning

CG Learning is an eLearning platform for computer graphics. It is based on 3D learning modules to convey knowledge in an interactive way.



Derzeit forscht die CGG am realistischen Rendering und der akkuraten Farbwiedergabe von Kleidungsstücken auf mobilen VR/AR-Displays.



Prof. Dr. Arnulph Fuhrmann

0221 8275-2614
arnulph.fuhrmann at th-koeln.de
Sprechzeiten nach Vereinbarung

24th Sep 2020

Performance of Augmented Reality Remote Rendering via Mobile Network

In this paper, a remote rendering system for an AR app based on Unity is presented. The system was implemented for an edge server, which is located within the network of the mobile network operator.

22nd Jul 2020


Im Forschungsprojekt AVASAG wird ein Avatar-basierter Sprachassistent zur automatisierten Gebärdenübersetzung entwickelt.

31st Mar 2020

Accelerated Stereo Rendering with Hybrid Reprojection-Based Rasterization and Adaptive Ray-Tracing

This paper presents a hybrid rendering system that combines classic rasterization and real-time ray-tracing to accelerate stereoscopic rendering. The system reprojects the pre-rendered left half of the stereo image pair into the right perspective using a forward grid warping technique and identifies resulting reprojection errors, which are then efficiently resolved by adaptive real-time ray-tracing.

17th Sep 2019

The influence of different audio representations on linear visually induced self-motion

We investigate the influence of four different audio representations on visually induced self-motion (vection). Our study followed the hypothesis, that the feeling of visually induced vection can be increased by audio sources while lowering negative feelings such as visually induced motion sickness.