Interaction Free Dressing of Virtual Humans

Arnulph Fuhrmann, Clemens Groß, Volker Luckas, and Andreas Weber
In: Computers & Graphics (2003), 27:1(71-82)



We describe an interaction free method for a geometric pre-positioning of virtual cloth patterns around human 3D-scans. Combined with the following physically-based sewing simulation a fully automated dressing of virtual humas becomes possible. This reduces the time needed for dressing virtual humans by eliminating the time needed for the interactive placement of the cloth patterns in previous methods, where the patterns have to be pre-positioned by user interaction. The result of your pre-positioning method is computed in less than 0.3 sec CPU time for various examples on current PCs and designed to converge efficiently in the simulation step afterwards.


Journal version of the paper PDF

The paper won the Computers & Graphics Best Paper Award (2003).

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