Intersection-free mesh decimation for high resolution cloth models

Ursula Derichs, Martin Mišiak and Arnulph Fuhrmann

In: Virtuelle und Erweiterte Realität – 17. Workshop der GI-Fachgruppe VR/AR, 2020, Trier, Germany

We present an approach to reduce high-resolution polygonal clothing meshes for Mixed Reality (VR/AR) scenarios. Due to hardware limitations, current mobile devices require 3D models with a strongly reduced triangle count to be displayed smoothly. A particular challenge for mesh reduction of clothing models is that these models usually consist of several fabric layers, which are spatially tightly together, touching in many places. Conventional decimation approaches and tools result in models with a lot of intersections between these layers. In this paper, we evaluate an incremental mesh decimation algorithm with the constraint of intersection-free decimations in each step on high resolution clothing models. A half-edge mesh data structure enables topological correct decimations and a clustered Bounding Volume Hierarchy (BVH) of the mesh triangles accelerates spatial neighborhood searches that are required for intersection tests. We demonstrate the performance of our approach on several real-world clothing models originating directly from a CAD application.


Final published paper:

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