Towards a Coupled Simulation of Cloth and Soft Tissue

Bastian Linneweber and Arnulph Fuhrmann
In: Proceedings of the International Industrial Simulation Conference (ISC), 2008, Lyon, France. Ostend: EUROSIS-ETI, pp. 401-409



In this paper, we present a possible guideline towards a coupled simulation of textiles and human soft tissue. We have developed a new simulator for soft tissue which is able to simulate the skin of a virtual human in a realistic manner. This simulator is coupled with a cloth simulator so that both human skin and textiles can be simulated in parallel with mutual interaction and deformation. The described system allows the adjustment of several material parameters of the skin and many aspects of the skin’s behavior especially shape and volume preservation are considered. The simulation of the functionality of certain cloth types such as forming and supporting the human skin as well as an improved control of the correct fit is permitted by the coupled simulation of cloth and skin.


Towards a Coupled Simulation of Cloth and Soft Tissue (PDF)


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