SVEn – Shared Virtual Environment

Tobias Manroth, Nils Pospischil, Philipp Schoemacker, and Arnulph Fuhrmann
In: Proceedings of Eurographics 2015 – Education Papers



This paper presents a system for a shared virtual experience which was developed within a student project. The main idea is to have two or more persons at different locations, who can interact with each other in the same virtual environment. In order to realize this idea every person is motion-captured and wears a head-mounted display (HMD). The virtual environment is rendered with the Unity game engine and the tracked positions are updated via the internet. The virtual environment developed in this project is highly immersive and users felt a strong sense of presence.


SVEn-Presentation (PDF)


SVEn – Shared Virtual Environment (PDF). The definitive version is available at Eurographics Digital Library.


Demo Video auf Youtube

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